Living a Life of Acceptance

Words of wisdom straight from a young woman dealing with depression.

Learning to Conquer Depression

I am not someone who has ever “blogged” or followed a blog, but recently, I have been seeing a fair amount of posts about the topic of depression. These links and sources have provided me with a plethora of valuable information, and through my own journey, I have come up with some ideas and knowledge of my own that have granted me more peace than I have ever known. I do not claim to be a psychologist or a doctor of any sort. I am simply a human being who has faced (and to this day, still faces) the terrors of depression. I am a single female, so a lot of what I write may come from that approach. Hopefully I will still offer some useful information for anyone who reads.

Depression, and anxiety along with it, is an absolute monster. I have faced suicidal thinking, self-injury, harassing thoughts, jealousy…

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