Unfailing Love

There was once a time

When I walked with God

And talked with God

And thought that all was well.

Maybe it was youth,

Maybe it was pride,

But I fell for Satan’s lies –

And I no longer walked with God;

I no longer talked with God.

I threw it all away.

Where was God in all of this?

Where was He while I drifted

So far away from the God of my youth?

Did He abandon me?

Did He stop loving me?


My God and my Redeemer

Was waiting for me.

I didn’t see His face

But I felt His presence,

Even when I didn’t know

It was Him.

He knew the mistakes I had to make.

He knew the choices I had to choose.

He knew my life had to become a mess

In order for me to fall to my knees,

And hand the broken pieces back to Him.

Oh God, thank you for your unfailing love!

Thank you for your grace and mercy!

Thank you for taking my failures

And using them for Your glory.

Thank you for not giving up on me

When I had given up on myself.

Thank you for sending Your Sweet Spirit

To nudge me, to move me, to guide me

Back into Your arms,

Back into Your will.

Use my life, dear LORD,

As an example of grace:

So undeserved,

Yet so beautiful, and so very

Very real.



3 thoughts on “Unfailing Love

  1. Heather, that is beautiful! This is what I pray for my kids (17 and 19). I know that is the time in my life when I tried to fill myself with so many other things besides Jesus. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Heather, I really can relate to this. I remember believing so unconditionally when I was a child, but then the circumstances of life and the influences of the world pulled me away. I’m glad to be back in daily fellowship with the Lord. Thank you for so beautifully sharing your heart.

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